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We understand how important family is, and that's why we are 100% committed to keeping yours safe.

We offer many solutions for those unwanted lifesaving situations.


Smoke Detection: Smoke can be just as deadly if not more than the fire itself. Our 24/7 monitoring system will be alerted in the event of a fire and send help right away. This option is not available for those with a battery operated smoke detector. Get the help you deserve and call us today!

Carbon Monoxide: Carbon Monoxide can kill in minutes, and that’s why we take it so seriously. Our carbon monoxide detectors give you early warning of dangerous levels, so you stay safe. If you become overcome by the gas we will get a signal from your system and send help right away.

Water Sensor: Water is very destructive and can destroy your house if left unmonitored. Your water sensor will notify us of a problem and we will alert you asap. Don’t let a broken water line cause serious damage to your home.

Low Temperature Sensor: If the temperature drops below freezing in your home or business our system will alert you at the first signs of freezing so you can prevent burst pipes.

Panic Alarms: If you have an intruder in your home use our portable panic alarm to send out an alert. This will immediately notify our center, and it’s faster than dialing 911.

Medical Alarm: If you are sick or injured help is on the way with just a push of a button. Our 24/7 monitoring system will send emergency personnel over right away.

Stand-Alone Medical Alert System: This is especially helpful and lifesaving for anyone with kids or who is taking care of a senior. Our medical alert system communicates with a hands-free voice console and alerts the emergency personnel right away. Not only that but we keep your medical history on file for the emergency responders.

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